The Mullins Group specializes in the rental of commercial, office, retail and warehouse space in downtown Madison, Wisconsin. Mullins Group has the perfect location to meet your business needs.

About Mullins Group

Mullins Group, LLC was founded over 50 years ago by Jerome J. Mullins as a family-owned Madison real estate development and management company.  The business is now led by his wife, Carol Mullins, and their five children (three sons and two daughters).  Since its inception, the company’s philosophy has been to acquire, hold and develop real estate for the long term, with a special focus on and commitment to the downtown Madison area.


The Mullins Group portfolio consists of over 200 tax parcels in the City of Madison, representing over 2 million square feet of space and comprised of both commercial and residential properties.  The commercial portion of the portfolio is quite diverse and includes space available for lease (office, retail and warehouse), land for development,  and three hotels (two in downtown Madison and one in St. Petersburg, Florida).  The residential portion of the portfolio consists of student and market rate professional multi-family housing, which is personally managed by Carol Mullins.  


The commercial portfolio of the Mullins Group consists primarily of buildings on and around Madison’s Capitol Square, State Street and along East Washington Avenue in a major redevelopment area called the Capitol East District.  This portfolio was acquired by Jerry Mullins over a number of decades during an era when there was little interest in investing in Madison’s urban core.  Unlike most others, Jerry had a vision for this area and the confidence that such vision could be realized.  His developments, including construction of the 22 East Mifflin Office Building, construction of the 100 Wisconsin Residential and Commercial Condominium Building, and the adaptive reuses of 212 East Washington Avenue and the former Gisholt Factory and Ohio Medical Building on East Washington Avenue are all testaments to that vision and confidence.


The Mullins Group continues to redevelop properties along the Capitol East District and has completed a Vision Plan for its over 27 acres of property located in the district.  Hundreds of thousands of square feet of new office and residential development will be added to this Corridor in the future, providing jobs, supplementing the tax base and increasing living opportunities in the area. 


Jerry was a professional engineer who was able to strategically identify properties with short and long term development potential.  His peers readily acknowledged Jerry as a brilliant developer who had a gift for envisioning what could be and a proven track record of developing creative projects.


Carol has been a working partner of the family's development activities since 1966, and is invaluable in her role due to her efficient and effective management skills as well as her special eye for design.  She and their children carry on Jerry’s legacy by managing the day to day activities of the Mullins Group...


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